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IEP Resources 


Sample letters

IEP Meeting Resouces

1. IEP Timeline

2. Use questions to find answers- questions to ask your IEP team

3. Checklist for Educational Placement

4. Understand Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

5. Student Needs for Additional Support Rubric- does your child need a 1:1 aide?

6. Common Educational Tests for Assessments for Special Education

7. Prior Written Notice- find out when the school needs to give prior written notice, and what needs to be included

8. Postsecondary Transition Planning

9. Common Core Resources for Special Education: information on how to modify the curriculum for students with special needs published by the California Department of Education.

10. San Mateo SELPA Independent Educational Evaluation Policy(10/2019)

11. San Mateo SELPA Parentally Placed Students- Private School Policy (10/2019)

12. San Mateo SELPA Behavior Emergency Reporting (10/2019)

13. San Mateo SELPA School and Classroom Observation Policy

Special Education Attorneys and Advocates

1. Family Resource Center Advocates/Lawyers List

2. Vielbaum ConsultingDebbie Vielbaum is an education consultant with more than 30 years experience consulting with parents on Special Education evaluations and services. To learn more about Debbie, click here.

3. Office of Client Rights and Advocacy: OCRA provides free legal information, advice and representation to regional center clients

4. MLG Advocacy and Consulting: MLG Advocacy and Consulting is owned by Maria Lang-Gavidia, M.S., a Special Education professional with over 20 years of experience in public education. Ms. Gavidia feels passionately that every student is entitled access to education in the least restrictive environment in which they can make progress towards their learning goals. Click here for details

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