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Kids Hangout Club is pioneered and run by two amazing middle school student leaders and a high school leader who want to create a safe space for kids to hang out, meet new friends and have fun together! Since the summer of 2020, this social group has received much wonderful feedback on helping kids engaging in learning and having fun with friends, from both the kids and their parents!

For all the latest KHC classes and camps, please visit the Kids Hangout Club website

"The Kids Hangout Club is an excellent program.  It is one of the most well run, well structured, and engaging tween programs that I have seen, heard, and experienced to date.  My son loved and refused to miss his Friday Kids Hangout sessions.  He made new friends and was able to learn and participate in the discussion with the group.  The members and instructor were very respectful of each other.  The weekly topics were always fresh and interesting, expanding each member's content knowledge of international pop culture to politics to robotics.  The members were always engaged throughout the whole session.  It was a really fun and educational program that even parents wanted to join in! 


Given the technicality of real time online program, one really has to appreciate the amount of effort, preparation, and background work done behind the scene that had ensured how smoothly each session ran.  Truly an excellent program!" - Parent of past participant

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