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Formal Essay Writing Class

Zoom Class

6-8th Grade

January to February 2021

Orientation 1/14/21, 3:30pm

Class Dates/Time: Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm

1/21, 1/28, 2/4, and 2/11

Cost: Free(Sponsored by Opening Doors PTA)

Person Writing

If your child struggles in making his/her points clear in multi-paragraph and multi-page essays, then this program is for him/her. We will teach the basics of how to write an essay from the beginning stages to a final, polished piece. Students will learn how to choose an argument, present solid evidence, and expand upon arguments or themes. We will work on essay cohesion and making multi-paragraph essays flow. Students will also learn how to use grammar more effectively – and fearlessly – in order to create strong essays.

About our teacher Jamie Govoni: Jamie Govoni founded the Right Approach to Education in 2010. She is a graduate from the University of Vermont's prestigious child education program. She was named Student Teacher of the Year in 2002 by university faculty. Jamie moved to California in 2003 and taught middle school for four years. Becoming disenchanted with the state's insistence of teaching children based on standardized testing, Jamie sought alternative teaching methods. Combining her training from a Bay Area Waldorf teacher program with her knowledge of traditional teaching styles, Jamie's teaching methods form The Right Approach to Education. She specializes in all subject areas from K-8, students with learning disabilities, and SAT/ACT English and writing. 

To sign up, fill out this questionnaire and email Jamie 


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