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Executive Functioning Course

Saturdays 11-12pm

3/6, 3/11, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24

Grade: 6th to 8th grade

Cost: Free (sponsored by Opening Doors PTA)

Taking a Test

This eight-week course is specifically designed by an SLP and a BCBA to help middle schoolers who have executive functioning challenges. 

What are Executive Functioning skills, and why are they important?

Your brain is like an executive running a company, and it needs to manage different functions much like a CEO has to manage different divisions of a company. All the divisions are important to a company functioning well and successfully.


Executive functioning includes:

● the ability to plan and organize,

● initiate,

● set goals,

● solve problems,

● pay attention,

● understand what you read,

● remember information you need to get something done,

● regulate your emotions, and

● monitor your behavior.

All of these have to work together for you to succeed in things you do every day, from learning a new sport, to writing an essay, to solving a math problem, to cooking a recipe.

In this course, we will present examples, activities, and resources to:

● explain these various skills or functions,

● help your child reflect on what his/her own learning style is,

● help your child strengthen skills, and

● give advice to both parent and students on how to make changes in the workspace to make it easier to manage everything

Through the use of various materials we present, like visual aids, planners, and apps, you and your child will learn to build on strengths, practice new behaviors to reduce challenges, and get a better idea of how to help oneself.

We believe in the importance of parent participation.  During the last 15-20 minutes of every class, parents will get a summary of the topic and get advice on how to reinforce the skills at home.

If you are interested, please fill out the parent and student surveys and email to

Our Instructors:

Hanh Nguyen, LMFT, BCBA, is a board certified behavior analyst and licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in the South Bay. Her primary focus is to provide behavior consultation services to families and caregivers of children with special needs through honest communication and quality resources. Hanh has extensive training in applied behavior analysis, an evidence-based treatment modality. In her work, she also draws on a variety of other recognized therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, psychoeducation, and play therapy. Hanh believes in partnering closely with service providers and families, in order to leverage her clients’ strengths in overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals. She also emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing all aspects that impact an individual’s well-being, including their physical and mental health, existing support systems, and school environment. Her hobbies and interests include photography and going on nature outings with her husband and two toddlers.

Rajul Parekh, M.S., CCC-SLP, has been practicing speech-language therapy in California for the past 6 years and prior to that in New York City for 3 years. She has guided students ranging in age from 5 to 22, both in mainstream schools and more severe special day class settings. Rajul is passionate about finding solutions to help kids function better in their daily lives, whether in the school setting or at home. To that end, she has teamed up with behavior specialists, occupational therapists, adapted physical education teachers, classroom teachers, and parents to problem-solve these challenges holistically. Rajul has a special interest in food selectivity issues, and jointly designed the Healthy Snack Program with an OT colleague. She presented a talk on that topic at the 2019 American Occupational Therapists Association Conference and Expo in New Orleans. Rajul loves the art and science of Nature, entomology and etymology, making and listening to music, gardening, and cooking.

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