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Art Class for Kids

with Special Needs

January to March 2021

Saturdays 1-2pm

Age: 5th to 8th grade

Cost: Free*(Deposit Required)

*Deposit will be refunded if your child attends all sessions

Color Palette



While art is important for all children, especially for kids with special needs. Art represents one amazing subject at which children with special needs can succeed. With art, the planning that drives the artistic process is more important than the finished work.

Our instructor will guide kids to explore different medium and styles of art. We invite your child to join us and express their creativity! 

Jan 23 and Jan 30: Zen Art 

  1. Black .5mm pen and other colors are optional

  2. Regular black marker

  3. Regular HB Pencil

  4. Eraser

  5. Ruler

  6. WaterColor paper (cut to  5”x5”)

Feb 6: Monster Doodle in Heart

  1. Black .5mm pen and other colors are optional

  2. Regular black marker

  3. Regular HB Pencil

  4. Eraser

  5. WaterColor paper

Feb 13: Valentine's Day Box

  1. Tape

  2. Colored paper (v-day colors)

  3. Printed outline of box

  4. String (v-day colors)

  5. Scissors

  6. Glue Stick

  7. Regular HB Pencil

  8. Heart stickers (optional)

Feb 20, Feb 27, March 6, March 13: "Among Us" Flipbook

  1. 30-40, 3” x 4” watercolor paper (or notecards)

  2. Color Markers

  3. Thin sharpies or thin markers (color)

  4. One Binder Clip

  5. Black pen

  6. Extra Paper to sketch

  7. Pencil

  8. Eraser

March 20: Sunset with silhouette of an elephant

  1. Color Pencils

  2. Pencil

  3. Eraser

  4. Watercolor paper

  5. Cup of water

  6. Black Marker


Teacher Meonah is a junior at Biola University, majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorder. Her goal is to become a Speech Language Pathologist and work with kids with autism. Her love for art started when she was in middle school and she has been studying art ever since. Meonah enjoys the creativity and serene aspects that art brings and is fascinated by how different mediums worked. She loves kids and has been teaching children in church since middle school. "Children bring a different type of joy that makes me smile. They seem to always be curious and I love to see them grow to their fullest potential".

Space is very limited. In order to ensure attendance we ask for a $50 deposit which will be fully refunded if your child attends all sessions. Your refund will be issued to the original payment method. Email if you have any questions.

This class is offered in partnership with 360Academy, an educational program under Starz Children Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Fremont, CA.

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