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Futures Academy

San Mateo, CA

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From the website: "Finding the right school for your child can seem like a daunting task, but we think you have stumbled on something great here with Futures Academy. We offer unique solutions that work. Learn why Futures Academy is right for you!

Students come to Futures because traditional schools aren't working for them – for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include that traditional schools:

  • move through course content too slowly or too quickly
  • contain large classrooms that are too noisy and distracting
  • don't accommodate learning challenges or social anxiety issues
  • lack flexible scheduling needed by athletes, actors or musicians
  • struggle to support accelerated learning when that is preferred

For all of these students, we created Futures Academy… a school where every student belongs and feels comfortable learning, where their individual needs are being met, and where they can excel and feel proud of their accomplishments."

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