Theater Winter Camp

12/27/20- 12/31/20

Sunday to Thursday


Age: 2nd to 4th grade

Cost: Free*(Deposit Required)

*Deposit will be refunded if your child attends all 5 sessions

Day 1 - 12/27/2020 Improvisation Games

Students will build their skill set for learning to adapt spontaneously in a scene for comedy or drama. Students will learn and practice "one word story" OR "what are you doing" as well as other funny improvisation games to become more effective at improvising.

Day 2 - 12/28/2020 Lip synchronization

Students will pick a song that they like and pretend they are the artists performing it.  They will try to synchronize their mouth with that performer and say the words or sing the song together with them while doing a performance pretending to be the actual singer or artist. This could include movement in costume as well if one desires.

Day 3 - 12/29/2020 Dramatic Scene or Monologue Time

This is where students will be serious and use positive strong energy to be dramatic and show they mean business.   The will perform while communicating with another person, or doing an individual dramatic monologue.

Day 4 - 12/30/2020 Comedic Scene or Monologue Time

This time is for students to look at the lighter side of performing. They will use their face, body, and words to allow the audience to have a smile or laugh and relax a little while students have fun in their comedy scene or monologue.

Day 5 - 12/31/2020 Host a BIG SHOW

Students will be practicing walking out and being the big star in the middle of the show.   While introducing people, they're also giving other people an opportunity to perform their scenes, their monologue, or their song.  Well, of course everybody will do more improvisation games too. So each person will get an opportunity to do their big introduction.

Space is very limited. In order to ensure attendance we ask for a $50 deposit which will be fully refunded if your child attends all 5 sessions. Your refund will be issued to the original payment method. Email if you have any questions.

Teacher Larry holds an undergraduate degree in Theater Arts, a Secondary Credential in Language Arts and experience in various roles as a Director, An Actor, and a Public Speaking Coach.  Over 25 years of performing and teaching which includes Acting in motion pictures and coaching a National Debate Finalist.  He also has a wealth experience in teaching students with special needs for special intelligence which includes students with visual needs, kinesthetic learners,  and those who are motivated in unique ways, to get the best out of their special skills.

This winter camp is offered in partnership with 360Academy, an educational program under Starz Children Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Fremont, CA.

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