Summer Mindfulness Workshops

June 15th-19th  (Incoming 3rd to 5th Grade) Full Click here for waitlist

June 22rd to 26th. (Incoming 6th to 8th Grade) Full Click here for waitlist

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, a useful practice for increasing emotional and behavioral regulation, attention span duration and empathy.


Our lives have changed radically in the past few months. Uncertainty about the future looms and stress is at an all-time-high. Being separated from friends and loved ones makes matters ten times worse. However, this is also a precious opportunity to practice mindfulness. Just as Shelter-In-Place has been an opportunity for the natural world to settle into stillness and become clear and unpolluted, SIP is also an opportunity to cultivate inner stillness and mental clarity.


Opening Doors PTA is sponsoring a Summer Mindfulness Workshop for highly-sensitive kids from third to eighth grade who struggle with emotional regulation and social connection. Our instructor will pair proven social skills training with instruction on the four foundations of mindfulness to help students cultivate deeper inner and outer well-being during this unusual time.


Ellen McCarty, a former senior mindfulness instructor for the non-profit Mindful Schools, has taught mindfulness to students and families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2011. She is a credentialed Education Specialist with an Autism Authorization from the State of California and has trained in and taught a variety of social skills programs designed for students with Autism including Social Cognitive Theory. She also has extensive experience working with students who struggle with emotional disturbance and social isolation. She is committed to providing a safety-net of social support for students who are in danger of becoming isolated, anti-social or self-harming and to give those students the tools they need to develop inner and outer kindness.

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