The Monarchs Social Skills Program

Opening Doors PTA is excited to support The Monarchs, an organization that runs a free online social skills program for children with autism from K to 8th grade. 


Challenges in social interaction, communication, play, and imagination place children on the autism spectrum at high risk for being excluded. Social isolation further deprives these children of opportunities to meet their full potential to socialize and play. 


The Monarchs Social Skills Group is based on the “Expert Player” program pioneered by Pamela Wolfberg at UCSF. The program maximizes each child’s developmental potential and intrinsic motivation to play, socialize and

form meaningful relationships with peers. 


This group is run by two high school Juniors with siblings on the spectrum trained and advised by a clinical psychologist well respected by the educational and special education community. Activities include online interactive games designed to hone your child’s skills (i.e. eye contact, turn taking, complimenting, appropriate comments - how to make and keep friends).  They will lead the kids in playing games like trivia, “would you rather“, Bingo.  


If you are interested, fill out the survey and sign up for an assessment.

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