Fun Ways to Address

Early Elementary Difficulties

Nov 7th, 2020     10am-11am

Presented By:  Anna M. Johnson M.S. Ed.,  Educational Therapist and Special Education Advocate

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Is your child with special needs struggling with math? We invite you to attend this webinar! Topics include:

1. The developmental milestones for number sense and how it supports future development of complex mathematical thinking


2. Preparing the home environment with engaging activities and games to support math learning


3. All the fun ways we can help our children learn by:


  • Exploring patterns

  • Playing with manipulatives like blocks, ten frames, number lines, Montessori golden beads, etc.

  • Deck of cards

  • Family friendly board games

  • Math apps

Anna M. Johnson M.S. Ed., is an educational therapist and a special education advocate. She has her own private practice supporting k-6 students with mathematics difficulties by providing individualized math interventions that focus on remediating number sense. She is also a part-time special education advocate. She works with families to elevate student and parent voice, demystify the IEP process, analyze assessments, conduct file reviews, offer recommendations on IEP goals, interventions and accommodations. Adept at working with multidisciplinary teams including attorneys and private/school service providers.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Fenixia Foundation.

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