Special Education Roundtable

October 13th, 2020


This meeting will not be recorded

Special Education Roundtable (1).png

Parents of kids with special needs are invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on

special education during COVID-19.


Discussion topics:

1. In-person special education services: during school closure, are districts responsible to provide in-person services if the virtual format does not meet the child's individual needs?

2. Reimbursement: can parents request reimbursements for private tutoring, therapies, or school placement?

3. Private school placement: are students still eligible to receive services from the district if transferred to a private school?

4. Assessments: what are the requirements for initial/triennial assessments in terms of timeline and format?

5. Distance learning plans: do districts have flexibilities to reduce the duration and frequency of special education services in the IEP? When school reopens, will the district resume the services in the original FAPE offer?


Debbie Vielbaum, Educational Consultant

Deborah Bloom, Educational Consultant

Melissa Nolan, Psychologist and Educational Consultant

Gina Miller, Educational Consultant

Roberta Savage, Special Education Attorney