Community Events

Webinar: Taking Care of Me

August 8th, 10am to noon

Want to find ways to take care of yourself daily even with children around?  In this self-care workshop, you will walk away feeling motivated to start taking care of yourself with simple daily activities that make sense for you.  It’s time to start taking care of you first so you can help others! 

Featured Speaker: Vanessa Kahlon, MA, is the Founder and the Executive Director of KFS School, Kahlon Family Services & YEAS Yoga.  She is a writer and has a podcast for parents who are dealing with children with behavioral and learning differences such as 2E, ADHD, and Sensory issues. Vanessa is inspired to help more families and educators professionally and effectively. For more information, please contact Vanessa:

This workshop will be led virtually through a Zoom Webinar. It will be in English with Cantonese and Spanish interpretation. Register here

Rhythm For All: Virtual Family Drumming Night

Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:15pm

Get ready to move n groove with Aaron Kierbel in this FREE weekly interactive rhythmic event for people of all ages and all abilities.

Grab a drum or a homemade instrument and join the rhythmic revelry! Click here to register

Knowledge on the Go Lessons by Great Minds

Free access during Summer 2020

High quality math curriculum(free until August 31st):

Students can access the videos independently to supplement their current distance learning or to build additional content knowledge. Families can use the videos to support home instruction by watching the videos and engaging in the learning together. 

Varsity Tutors Virtual Summer Camps

Summer 2020

Varsity Tutors offers free half-day summer camps, adaptive diagnostic assessments, virtual school days and more. Visit their website for more details.

Fusion Academy Virtual Minicourses

Summer 2020

Fusion Academy is offering in-depth one-to-one courses online in subjects like:


Writing the Next Great American Novel

Backstage: Auditioning & Self Tapes for Theatre and Film


Improv Theatre: Writing & Performing Comedy


Political Science: Uncovering the Relationship Between the Media and Politics


Brand Creative: How to Market Yourself as an Artist


Podcast Studio: Tune In and Become a Podcaster


Forensic Science: Deconstructing the CSI Effect


Health & Wellness




Studio Art: Developing Your Own Portfolio

CuriOdyssey Illusions Outdoor Exhibition


July 2020

Explore the wonder of visual perception with CuriOdyssey’s extraordinary new outdoor exhibition, Illusions. Observe phenomena in color, patterns and position that will mesmerize, transfix and make you question your visual sense and perception of reality.  Please make your reservation to visit and purchase tickets at:

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