School Reopening Meeting for Families with Special Needs

0:00 Introduction
4:46 Presentation Agenda
6:33 Guiding Principles
7:43 Parent Questions
8:06 Initial IEP Assessment and Meetings
10:03 Annual IEP Meetings
10:37 Triennial IEP Meetings
13:02 Distance Learning OCR Guidance
16:21 Specialized Academic Instructions
17:35 Related Services
19:37 Privacy
23:50 SB 98 and Distance Learning
24:54 SB 98 and Special Education
26:33 IEP Distance Learning Plan
35:40 504 Plans
39:40 Distance Learning Resources
41:43 IEP and 504 Amendments
45:05 Instructional Design
49:34 Q and A

Questions with Personally Identifiable Information not included

“As LEAs make plans to reopen school sites, they are presented with a unique opportunity—to ensure students with disabilities and other special populations are fully integrated into every aspect of preparation and participation, and to ensure the needs of all students are addressed and the decision benefits all students, staff, and families.”


Opening Doors PTA is grateful to Special Programs Director Lara Goldman for her informative presentation on 8/3/20. 

If you have any questions about your child's IEP or 504, please reach out to the Department of Special Programs