Becoming a Mindful Guide

Helping parents build apprenticeship with their children of all ages


"Becoming a Mindful Guide" is a collection of short videos to help parents build apprenticeship with their children of all ages, atypical or neurotypical. The learning modules incorporate video examples, discussions and practical tips for any families.

Module 1: Understanding Self and Our Capacity to Guide


  • Me as a Parent: Know Yourself First as a Person: "Me" before "Me and You"

  • Why 'guiding' instead of 'instructing'?

  • What Kind of a Guide am I? Tips for self reflection and short term goals for parents to work on to get ready for guiding.

Module 2: Reframing Autism and Other Neurological Differences
Understanding these research-based core deficits and how they are expressed in behaviors:


  • Lack of experience sharing communication

  • Lack of dynamic appraisal

  • Lack of creative problem solving

  • Lack of self awareness

  • Lack of Episodic Memory

Maisie Soetantyo, B.A., M.Ed.

Maisie Soetantyo has worked as a professional in the field of autism for close to thirty years. She has a degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from UCLA, and worked her way up to Clinic Supervisor for the Center for autism and Related Disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also certified in the Relationship Development Intervention® program and has worked with hundreds of parents and professionals both locally and internationally.

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