Autism Education Series

Zoom Meeting

January- March 2021

Cost: Free (Sponsored by Opening Doors PTA)

The COVID outbreak is keeping parents and kids home — and away from others — to help stop the spread of the virus. It has changed many of our everyday routines. Adjusting to a new routine is stressful for everyone, but especially for children with autism who have trouble with change.


Opening Doors PTA is pleased to sponsor an online support and education group for parents of children with autism. Using video modeling, video analysis and feedback, parents are guided to set short- and long-term family goals, and help them set daily opportunities to balance learning, connecting and sharing experiences. We recognize that every family culture is unique, and each person’s emotional, mental and physical well-being matters, in spite of a diagnosis. Our goal is to prioritize the child’s self-development in a loving and supportive home environment, build competence and at the same time reduce anxiety commonly experienced by parents and their children. 


The group is led by a husband-and-wife team, with 30 years of parent and professional coaching experiences, using a relationship-based and growth mindset approach. Pete Dunlavey is an RDI ® Program Certified Consultant. and has been working with fathers and young adults. Maisie Soetantyo is the founder of a non-profit Autism Career Pathways, and she has diagnoses of ASD and SPD. She has been working with neurodivergent children, teens and adults since her undergraduate study at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991. She believes that being a neurodivergent is an asset in our community and workplaces

*Classes are on Sunday evenings from 7:30 to 9pm

Online Class 1: “Rethinking Autism” Presentation  1/24/21


This presentation is designed to help parents and professionals learn about Autism as a neurotype instead of a medical or deficit model. The differences in autism wiring affects sensory, social, communication, lifestyle and learning preferences. The short presentation includes video presentations, discussions, question and answer. We hope to help parents understand, accept and appreciate their child’s differences as unique traits to explore and develop as future talents. 



Online Class 2: “Guiding a Neurodiverse Child” 1/31/21


  • Creating an optimal home environment

  • Assessing trust between parent and child

  • Parent readiness for becoming a guide


Online Class 3: “Static and Dynamic Thinking Pathways” 2/7/21

  • Understanding guiding versus instructing
  • Dynamic versus static thinking pathways

  • Decision making process



Online Class 4: “Parent Readiness” 2/28/21


  • Self-understanding as a parent.

  • Pace

  • Communication – what is it and how does it look like in autistic individuals

  • Focusing on the process instead of performance

  • Focusing on foundations instead of fixing behaviors

  • Using mindful communication to promote independent thinking


Online Class 5: “Setting Expectations” 3/7/21

  • Expectations and adjustments

  • Setting boundaries

  • Dealing with resistance

  • Dealing with common behaviors



Online Class 6: “Daily Opportunities” 3/14/21


  • Examples of small opportunities

  • Examples of collaboration practice

  • Examples of daily routines

  • Examples of short-term goals

  • Long Term goals

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If you have questions, please email Maisie


About CATCH Clinic

CATCH Clinic is a family service agency providing remote and in-home parent coaching for families raising a neurodivergent family member. We provide individualized parent-led programs designed to create a nurturing home environment for children to thrive and grow as confident individuals. We believe that children learn when they can, and understanding their learning, sensory, social and emotional differences are key to helping them live their full potentials.

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